Big Sky Lumber Supply enjoys being a part of bringing curb appeal to your home, shop, business, outbuildings, barns, etc.  One sought after product that personalizes any building is manufactured stone.  It has the amazing look and feel of real stone, but the engineering to make it extremely installation friendly.  There are many manufactured stone companies that offer similar styles to achieve your desired look.  We are pleased to offer Dutch Stone, which uses a more traditional installation approach, and Clip Stone, a manufactured stone with a new innovative twist in installation.

Dutch Stone

Designed and manufactured in a small town located in Ohio, Dutch stone is the product of hard work, honesty, and genuine care, which defines the company as a whole. These qualities certainly define their products. Dutch Quality Stone veneers exhibit all the unique qualities of nature in a range of dependable, easy-to-install options for homes and commercial properties. It’s what can happen when the exacting standards of traditional craftsmen are applied to modern processes. And it makes all the difference.  Click on the hyperlink Dutch Stone name above to learn more.

Clip Stone

Designed with the do-it-yourself-weekend-contractor-warrior in mind,  Clip Stone is the product to use involving no mortar, no mess.  It is so easy-to-install, honestly, anyone can install Clip Stone!  Available in 2 styles and 4 colors, you can add Clip Stone to virtually any wall space on or in your home to completely change the appearance in no time at all. It’s simple and it’s beautiful.  To watch how easy it is, click on the hyperlink Clip Stone name above to learn more.