At Big Sky Lumber Supply, we offer an extravagent range of premium lumber and sheeting products with quality in mind.  We stock only the top tier lumber and sheeting products offered on the market today.  These include Weyerhaeuser, Louisiana-Pacific and Potlatch brand plywoods and O.S.B. wood products, as well as, Premium, Select Structure and #1 Grade Fir & Larch dimensional lumber!


For more than a century, Weyerhaeuser has been growing trees and making forest products that improve peoples lives in fundamental ways. Their wood products are used to build homes where families are sheltered and raised. Weyerhaeuser land management forms the building blocks of responsible development, while their forests are used for recreation, conservation and different forms of renewable energy.  Click on the hyperlink Weyerhaeuser name above to learn more.

Louisiana-Pacific (LP)

As a global leader in delivering high-performance building solutions, LP Building Products is engineered to perform both as a company and as a manufacturer of innovative products for builders. LP has been delivering innovative building products for over 40 years. They continue to improve their current products while developing new product lines with superior strength, durability and quality for advanced ways of building.  To learn more about LP Building Products, click on the Louisiana-Pacific (LP) hyperlink name above.


How do you derive commercial value from a forest while ensuring its long-term sustainability? Potlatch has led the way in answering that question since 1903 as a landowner, a grower and harvester of trees, and as a manufacturer of forest products. Click on the hyperlink Potlatch name above to learn more.